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Full Speed Ahead

Life has been heating up around our house. Out in the real world summer actually seems to be visiting. In my brain, mild explosions continue.

I’m continuing my adventures in becoming an Indie Publisher. Metamorphosis Press is set up and ready to roll. I spent yesterday working on several short story covers. Book covers are the most fun! I love searching for an image that fits the story and then messing around with it until it looks like a book  I might want to buy. I’m one of those people who has bought books just for the cover art. And avoided certain books because of the cover art.

I thought I’d dip my toe in with short stories until I’ve got the process down, then start publishing my novels. I’m still working on setting up this blog so it looks right. Oh, and the websites for and are under construction. It’s going slowly. Technology is not my forte. But I’m learning.

On the home front, my platelet count is almost back up to normal, after months of decline. And so I’m beginning the slow weaning process off steroids. I love the extra energy they give me, although it feels a bit too crazy even for me. And then there’s the not sleeping thing. So let’s hope my platelets continue to climb and my body figures out it’s not supposed to eat them!

Summer is here and almost all the plants have been planted! For the first time since we’ve owned a house. For over fifteen years! That’s what two years of not buying plants will do for you. Whew. So, this will be a year of taking back territory from the still feral garden and hopefully, continuing to put in paths.

The horses are still here. We’ve had them up for sale since last fall, but with the economy, most folks aren’twilling to take a risk buying a luxury item which requires a lot of expensive upkeep. So, we’ll have them  a while longer, until the universe changes her mind. It’s lovely to look outside and see Henry and Rex playing.

That’s all for today. Off to tour gardens in the sunshine!


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Back Online

It’s been over a year since I abandoned my old blog. Life got in the way. The universe has shifted and I’ve got the oomph to write again. So I’ll be showing up here a couple times during the week to talk about what’s exciting in my life–books, food, flowers, etc. and about what’s driving me crazy.

But right now, it’s bedtime.


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