I have a longing for cherry colored hair

I took my daughter to a local July 4th. parade last week. We sat in the sunshine, watching the usual drill teams, pipe bands, local roller derby team and various other groups march along. A dance troupe of young kids went by and that’s when I saw it. Cherry colored hair! One of the Moms accompanying the group had the most gorgeous hair color. Cherry is the best description I can come up with. Almost a maraschino cherry, since it had warm tones in it. It was lovely. I was smitten. I saw her afterwards and told her how much I loved it. That was nine days ago and I’m still thinking about it. Big changes are cascading through my life and this desire is also a reflection of those.

I keep going back and forth about the whole thing. I’ve tried on red glasses and they don’t play well with my olive-colored skin. But I used to color my hair maroon and auburn and loved both of them. Someone suggested looking for a wig in that shade to try on and check the color.

I quit dying my hair over nine years ago. Decided at that point I wasn’t just dying it to have a different color, it was to cover up the gray. Yes, I’m ancient. And I didn’t want to be one of those women who was so afraid of aging, that I was in denial about the whole thing. That just seemed like a form of lying. Also, touching up your roots all the time is really a drag.

I cut my hair after my daughter was born and all the two-toned crap was finally gone. Then I let my hair grow out so it was all the same length. For years. This spring I got bored and cut six inches off my hair, but I’m still not happy with it. It needs something completely different. I have an idea in mind, but will have to wait till part of it grows out a little and I have funds. Alas, why are funds always involved?

Still, there’s the question of whether I’m daring enough to dye my hair something so dramatic at this point in time. I live in a small town and essentially as an older woman, I’m invisible. I’ve been that way for years and years. So I need to come to grips with the question of how visible I want to be. And exactly how much of the inner change I want reflected on the outside. Still pondering.


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