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Ticking things off my to do list

Today’s a housekeeping day around here. Not in the sense that I’m actually going to clean the house. HA! Fat chance of that happening. Zoe’s been around every day since Friday and since she’s had a nasty cold, she’s been clingy and whiny. But my childcare is back today. Yeah!

So, it’s time to take a look at what happens when I can’t get stuff done for six days. Since Friday nothing has gotten finished. Nothing. I’ve got a dozen unfinished projects lying around.

When things pile up like that my energy gets scattered, my focus divided and I don’t really make progress on any one thing. I just feel overwhelmed with all the nebulous stuff which needs to happen. So by finishing up projects my brain gets cleaned up too. My energy can return and things move forward again.

Okay I might do a little light house cleaning. Like the flat surfaces of my desk, which are filled with piles that cascade out every time I open it up. Another result of so many unfinished projects.

But I’m not doing dishes (no way) or vacuuming (the horror) or even thinking about working in the garden (appalling thought). No horses will be bathed today, no matter how much they need it (absolutely not). And if I can avoid it, no meals will be cooked.

So, on to breakfast and finishing stuff up!


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I finally wrestled technology to the ground and figured out how to format my short story on Open Office. I am such a Mac person! My cover’s been mostly ready for awhile, just needed a few tweaks. I love Pixelmator! So, I got it all together and Flight┬áis now available on Kindle and at Smashwords. It will take a while to trickle into the various other places, I’m told–Nook, ibooks, Sony, Kobo, etc. But I’m done with it! Waaahoooo!

So now, I’m working on pulling together the cover, etc. for another short story. I’ve got quite a backlog of stories and novels ready to go, but the copy editing, formatting and covers take some time. So gradually, over the summer I hope to get everything uploaded, while I continue to write new stuff. This is definitely going to be a working summer for me, although luckily I get to take my laptop outside and do the work! I am so loving our summer weather.

As to the garden, it’s filled with roses in bloom right now. Species roses, climbing and rambling roses, Bourbons, Moss Roses, Austins, Portlands, Hybrid Perpetuals and lots more. The clematis are weaving in, out and around plants. Peonies are fading, foxgloves are holding strong. Most of the hostas have survived the slug and snail onslaught. Our postage stamp lawn is filled with buttercups and the weeds, well the weeds and grasses are moving to the three feet mark. Sigh.

I’ve resolved to ignore all the flaws in the garden this year and only pay attention to the pieces of it which are beautiful. Especially since it’s so not my focus right now. So, I’ll go outside and sit amongst the buttercups and weeds, but smell the mock orange and gaze at the hardy geraniums popping up everywhere as I write.


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